Joining to St George Business Chamber


Whether it be as a conduit to the NSW Business Chamber/Business Australia, as a guiding hand to the right local or NSW state government department or agency or just having someone to listen and, if needs be, act on your behalf, the Chamber is there for you and your business.


Who is in you contact sphere, your suburb or your region? Networking, whether at a workshop or educational event or a social ‘mixer’ is a powerful way to build your visibility and to connect with the local business community.

Learn and prosper!

Chamber events and workshops are all planned with personal and business development in mind. Meeting fellow local businesses in a workshop environment, where everyone is listening and wanting to grow and develop is a powerful way to expand your knowledge and skills.

Visibility leads to credibility!

Taking an active role in your Chamber, whether it be by simply attending events and activities or being engaged in a leadership or advisory capacity is a great way to add to your visibility in the local business community.

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