Your Chamber is headed by fellow local business owners, from retail, manufacturing, professional services and other backgrounds, dedicated to nurturing business relationships and advocating on your behalf to all levels of government.

We understand the issues, challenges and opportunities associated with running a business in the St George region.

The Chamber grew from the amalgamation and expansion of existing business chambers as a result of local government amalgamations in 2016. Hurstville Chamber of Commerce was a widely recognized and successful chamber in its own right and the leadership saw a need to embrace the wider business community, unfettered by outdated - and often irrational - council boundaries.

St George Business Chamber is not for profit entity and all funds are used for the benefit of members and businesses in our region in general.

Moving Forward

The Chamber’s history goes back to 1922, as Hurstville Chamber of Commerce– and our future is even brighter!

The St George region is shared between two local councils and has a significant NSW State Government infrastructure footprint – roads and public transport. Your Chamber is there to inform and advocate on your behalf, at all levels of government, on issues that affect business growth, prosperity and – in some cases – survival in our community.

By joining the Chamber, you add strength to our numbers and your voice has an opportunity to be heard.  It’s rare that a local issue or opportunity affects just one business – together we are stronger!


Why join the Chamber?

We run programs that offer promotional materials, events and activities to welcome new residents and businesses to the area, ensuring that your business is front and centre and ahead of the local competition with this very valuable target audience.


Who is in you contact sphere, your suburb or your region? Networking, whether at a workshop or educational event or a social ‘mixer’ is a powerful way to build your visibility and to connect with the local business community.
Connect and collaborate!

Advocacy – you HAVE a voice!

Whether it be as a conduit to the NSW Business Chamber/Business Australia, as a guiding hand to the right local or NSW state government department or agency or just having someone to listen and, if needs be, act on your behalf, the Chamber is there for you and your business.

Visibility leads to credibility

Taking an active role in your Chamber, whether it be by simply attending events and activities or being engaged in a leadership or advisory capacity is a great way to add to your visibility in the local business community.

And visibility leads to credibility – raise your reputation through your Chamber membership.

You can further enhance your businesses visibility, credibility and trust level by sponsoring Chamber activities.


The 4 Pillar Strategy

The St. George Business Chamber’s 4 PILLARS Strategy is a comprehensive approach to fostering economic growth and community development in the St. George region. This Strategy Paper explores the intricacies and importance of each pillar: Collaboration, Economic Development, Infrastructure, Beautification, and Activation of Public Spaces. By examining the Chamber’s strategy in detail, we gain insights into how it contributes to the prosperity and well-being of the St. George community.

You can read the full white paper HERE.

Collaboration with Partners

Economic Developent

Infrastructure Support

Beautification & Accessibility