Council's gold sponsorship of St George Business Chamber

Council's gold sponsorship of St George Business Chamber

Georges River Council has become a Gold Sponsor of the St George Business Chamber in a partnership both say will boost local businesses.

Announcing the sponsorship, Georges River mayor, Sam Elmir said, "This partnership will allow us to combine resources and expertise with the Chamber to further empower local businesses, boost economic growth, and create a more vibrant environment for residents and visitors to the area.

"The partnership is built on our shared strategies and visions."

Chamber president, Tony Baddour said the partnership signifies a milestone moment for both organizations, underlining the shared vision and commitment to the development and prosperity of the St George Business District.

The announcement comes off the back of the State Government's Small Business Month, where Council delivered a Cyber Security Workshop in collaboration with The St George Business Chamber and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to empower businesses with digital skills.

Mr Baddour said that as part of its growth and evolution, the Chamber has developed a new guiding framework for its future, "The Four Pillars Strategy" aimed at ensuring the sustained growth and well-being of our Chamber and the broader St. George business community.

"At its core, this strategy is built upon four foundational pillars, each crucial to our collective success," he said.

"The four pillars are:

"Collaboration: We believe that in unity, there is strength. The power of collaboration is immeasurable, and we will actively seek opportunities to join hands with like-minded organizations, institutions, and individuals. Through partnerships, we will amplify our impact and bring about positive change that benefits us all.

"Economic Development: A thriving local economy is the cornerstone of any prosperous community.

Our commitment to economic development is unwavering. We will support and champion businesses, large and small, fostering an environment where innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth can flourish.

"Infrastructure: A welcoming and functional physical environment is essential for attracting residents and visitors alike. We will advocate for improving our infrastructure and enhancing the accessibility of the St. George region. These efforts will not only elevate our community's quality of life but also create an attractive backdrop for business success.

"Beautification and Activation of Public Spaces: Vibrant and engaging public spaces are the heart of any community. We are dedicated to working with all levels of government to ensure we breathe life into these areas, making them hubs of activity, culture, and interaction. Our commitment to the activation of public spaces will provide a platform for community connection and growth."

"If you are a local business person in the St George area, please connect with the Chamber via our website ( or one of our social channels (LinkedIn). We have a range of membership options available and would love to have you as part of our community.

"Our next event is on Tuesday, November 21 from 5:30pm in partnership with Realise Business.

"Registration details on our website or via social media."


This original article was published 16/11/23 by The Leader.