The Hurstville Chamber, Another Milestone

The Hurstville Chamber of Commerce celebrates another big year since its first meeting over 80 years, President Allan Zreik joined the board June 2015, Mr Zreik said “In 2015 I wanted to set the foundations for the chambers future and I am proud to say with the full support of the committee we have achieved our goals”, “ our big goals in 2015 were to see the revitalization of pathways along Forest Road” said Mr Zriek, during 2015 Councilor Con Hindi’s $2 million revitalization between Hurstville transport interchange and Palm Court car park was completed, Mr Zeirk said “our walkthrough committee was set up by the chamber in 2014 and addressed several key area improvements for Forest Road”. “We focused our efforts in 2015 to educate Businesses in the local area on social media and how to effectively run an online business, we organized five successful workshops since June”, Allan also said that “I wrote to Council in August 2015 asking for a commitment from Hurstville City Council to partake in the NSW Small Business Friendly Council Program I am proud to say we achieved that”

“In January 2016 the Hurstville Chamber we will have a permanent office on MacMahon Street Hurstville it is good to see Local government supporting the backbone of our community small business, with support from Mayor Vince Badalati and hes Councillors”, Allan added that “we also look forward to announcing our rebranded name and website in early February 2016 which will give us a new fresh approach”.

Allan said“the executive committee is working very hard on bringing together all business groups within Hurstville LGA together, and will continue to be a focal point in 2016”, “parking in the Hurstville CBD remains on top of our agenda, we have began work together with all governments to ensure it is brought to the attention of local government as a major concern, as well we are committed to assist with more big business to the Hurstville City and Economic Development will continue to be our focus”.

“On Behalf of the Hurstville Chamber of Commerce we wish to extend a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year” said Allan.