Valentina Colyer

Valentina Colyer

Val stands as the dedicated Head Chair of the Economic Development Subcommittee at the St. George Business Chamber. Her remarkable journey has been a testament to her unwavering commitment to community betterment and economic growth.

Val's story began with a courageous migration to Australia from a German labor camp, an experience that ignited her drive for resilience and compassion. Her journey of service commenced in 1969 when she joined the YWCA in Sydney, rapidly ascending to become the President of the Women's Community Group. Her dedication was undeniable, leading her to serve three terms on the Board of YWCA over nine years, during which she pioneered women's groups in new housing estate areas.

Val's impact reached further as she served as the President of various school Parent & Community Associations, where her leadership played a pivotal role in enhancing school environments and fostering community engagement.

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish a successful catering business and later IRIS TOURS PTY LTD, which offered outbound travel to Russia, while also pioneering professional organisations like the Hurstville Chamber of Commerce. Her contribution extended to Rotary, where she held leadership positions, facilitated community projects, and received the esteemed Paul Harris Fellow Award.

Val's commitment wasn't confined to business; she actively participated in diverse community projects. From mentoring youth to organising events, she demonstrated her unwavering dedication. Her support for the St. George Eisteddfod and involvement with BEC showcased her dedication to empowering women in business.

Val's legacy continues to flourish, reflecting her profound belief in community engagement and development. Her tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on St. George's business landscape and its residents.

As the Head Chair of the Economic Development Subcommittee, Val's leadership fuels economic growth while echoing the spirit of community values that have defined her exceptional journey.