A Youthful Solution to Your Staff Shortfalls

A Youthful Solution to Your Staff Shortfalls

Lockdowns are ending across Sydney and, in coming weeks, we’ll be able to travel freely in regional NSW. State borders will be next and, by mid-December, your customer base should be fully accessible. 

Staff shortages have been a factor for many months, across many industries. Hospitality – especially restaurants and cafes – and Retail are two industry sectors where the shortages being impacted by a lack of foreign students and qualified workers.

One solution is to refocus your staffing choices and turn, instead to younger local employees.

Yes, these new employees may not be as capable to ‘hit the ground running’, but, with an investment in training and some patience from you, the employer, you have access to Government subsidised wages, enthusiastic and engaged staff and, in many instances, Junior grade Award wages to assist with your cashflow and budgeting.

St George Business Chamber has partnered with two southern and western Sydney providers to explain, educate and enthuse local businesses about the benefits of employing younger people in your business.

When attending, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and have our experts answer directly during the webinar.

Join Ziad Mutasim, Business Development Manager with The Youth Partnership and Carlo Domingo, Employment Solutions Partner with yourtown as we discuss the opportunities and the Next Steps to add new, younger team members to your business.