Small Business Mentoring Program

Small Business Mentoring Program


The Mentor Program is designed to give small business owners the attention and support they need to work on developing their business. This 4 week program is designed to give participant mentees the opportunity to participate in group meetings, and share their experiences as well as gain insight from the experiences of other mentees.

The objective is to provide small business support and guidance specific to their individual business needs and help them create a plan under the guidance of an expert mentor



November 8 - November 29

5:30pm - 7:30pm, with social networking time available afterwards.

November 8

November 15

November 22

November 29



Club Central, 2 Crofts Avenue Hurstville

Central Cucina (private room)



Workshop 1: Review and Reflect:

• Vision Exercise...this focuses on where is the business up to now and what would it need to look like for the owner to be truly happy with it

• Customer analysis...who are they currently

• Competitor analysis...what are they doing

• SWOT...what are the overarching strengths weaknesses threats and opportunities


Workshop 2: Reimagine

• Unique Selling Proposition.

• Future Business potential (Market penetration, diversity, Bluesky thinking etc)


Workshop 3: Culture and Values

• Values of the Business

• Culture Statement

• Leadership and Teamwork


Workshop 4: Marketing for small business

• Media selection – LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook

• Planning your marketing

• Program summary


$300 per participating Mentee.

Please note: Drinks and food are available at Central Cucina at your own cost.



Please cut and paste the below form into an email and return to by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4


Successful applicants will be contacted by email.


Your name:

Business Name ABN:

Business Trading Address:

Are you the primary decision maker for your business?

Yes / No

What industry are you in?

How long have you been in business?

What is you annual turnover?

a) Up to $100K

b) $101K-200K

c) $201K-$250K

d) $251K - $500K

e) Over $500K

What are your top 3 objectives for wanting to participate in this program? Please list in order of





What has been the biggest challenge for your business in the last 12 months?




1. Cash flow

2. Competitors

3. Staff

4. My motivation

5. Economic Environment

6. Other

Please explain:

Are you will to invest time to work with your Mentor?


If required do you have the funds to invest in your business and take action to achieve your goals


Is there any additional information you would like to offer to assist in your application?

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